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Apple iPhone 12 Rumors: Release Date, Features, Specs, Price, Leaks, 5G - BlackBrook Case

Apple iPhone 12 Rumors: Release Date, Features, Specs, Price, Leaks, 5G

Apple iPhone 12 Rumors: Release Date, Features, Specs, Price, Leaks, 5G

Exciting news for Apple users! The new Apple iPhone is set to be released either late 2020 or early 2021!

Now a couple of disclaimers:

Apple has remained tight-lipped about the details of the new phone ahead of its launch on September 15, so there have not been any official confirmation of any rumors that are circulating online. However, there are several reliable sources who have given reports that agree on a few key details that we will be looking at. 

Secondly, Apple hasn’t confirmed the name of the new iPhone, so we will be referring to the new model as the iPhone 12 since it is the twelfth phone to be released by Apple. 

New Display Sizes 

A very prominent theory circulating online is that Apple is planning to release four sizes of the iPhone 12. Two of the four sizes are expected to be “higher-end” models and the other two are expected to be “lower-end” models as far as cameras are concerned. 

5.4 x 2 in. Model

This is the first of the high-end models that Apple is set to unveil this September. If the reports on the size are correct, this will be the smallest model that Apple has released to date. This model is also expected to have a dual-lens camera.

6.1 x 2 in. Model 

This model is rumored to have a high-end and a low-end version of it. Because of this, these two phone models will have different features. 

The high-end version is expected to have a dual-lens camera. The lower-end version is expected to have a triple-lens camera. 

6.7 x 2 in. Model

If the rumors about the size of this model are true, this will be the largest phone that Apple has released to date. It is also likely to feature a triple-lens camera. 

New Features

There are a plethora of “leaked” photos and reports on the features that the iPhone 12 will have. Here is a few of the rumored features that everyday consumers may be interested in. 

Return of the iPhone 4 Frame

This is a rumor that comes from multiple sources and photos leaked by a third-party company that Apple uses to manufacture their phones. Allegedly the iPhone 12 is supposed to feature a metal frame characteristic of the iPhone 4. 

Camera Improvements and 5G 

It is possible that the iPhone 12 will utilize a 3D triple-lens camera system. This would allow the phone to calculate the depth of objects in the room with would also improve some of the phone’s other capabilities like photography and artificial reality. 

Unfortunately, this feature is only rumored to be available in the 6.7 in. model. All of the models are, however, expected to have 5G support. This would be the first phone by Apple with 5G capabilities.The iPhone 12 is also expected to have some modifications to improve battery life. 

Other Facts 

Apple users looking forward to a new pair of earbuds with their new phone may be disappointed this year. There are corroborating reports that Apple may be planning to exclude the earbuds with the phone to cut down on production and packaging. 

As mentioned before, there is a digital event set to be held by Apple on Tuesday, September 15th, but it is rumored to be focused on the Apple Watch and iPads rather than the iPhone 12. 


Other Apple 12 Theories:

In the past, Apple's iPhone designs have been considered to be boring, but iPhone 12 is really a standout. It will be the most high tech and groundbreaking smartphone the company has launched so far.

We can expect Apple iPhone 12 to be a powerful smartphone from Apple Inc. which may resemble the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 doesn't have the 3D Touch feature but it offers a few new features like its updated A13 processor, new camera features, an updated display, and a few other features. Users can charge the device with a wireless charging pad that supports the Qi charging standard.

The Apple iPhone 12 is said to have 5G support. 5G support will allow the device to be extremely fast and to give users the experience of watching 4K videos on demand from their smartphone in an instant.

iPhone 12 rumor

Rumors related to the Apple iPhone 12 have been surfaced as per the leaked image of the back panel of the device. The image shows a triple-lens camera and a huge camera bump.

Recently, a leaked photograph of the rear panel of the Apple iPhone 12 has emerged online. The rear panel has a triple-lens camera. The leaked photo shows the side profile image of the device that appears to be a larger smartphone with a notch at the top.

The company has yet to announce whether the iPhone 12 will support 3D Touch feature or not. It is rumored to feature an upgraded processor, a 5G connection, and an upgraded display screen.

Some of the features of the iPhone 12 are mentioned below:

5G Support with Faster Download Speed

The Apple iPhone 12 will support a display screen of 6.7 inches with Quad HD+ resolution. The display screen will support 5G.

The iPhone 12 is rumored to have a triple-lens camera setup on the back panel. The company has not confirmed whether the screen will feature 3D Touch.

The rear panel shows the triple-lens camera. The camera design of iPhone 12 looks like the iPhone 11.

Facial Recognition Feature

A rumor suggests that the iPhone 12 will feature an upgraded version of the Face ID facial recognition feature. However, there is no information on the technical details of the feature.

Possible A14 Processor

The A series processors from Apple Inc. have been characterized by the company's P series chipset. A series processors have been integrated into the company's iPhones since the iPhone 7. The iPhone 12 might feature the A14 chipset.

Faster Wireless Charging

Apple Inc. has upgraded its iPhone 11 model to support wireless charging. The iPhone 12 is rumored to support the same. The iPhone 12 will be able to support much faster wireless charging.

Other rumored features of the iPhone 12 are as follows:

  • Supports 3D Touch
  • Li-Fi support
  • Supports dual SIM
  • Supports AR
  • Supports Animoji
  • Wireless charging
  • Face ID
  • Supports 5G
  • Supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision video formats
  • Supports Dolby Atmos audio system
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