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Why Leather Accessories for Your Phone Are Better Than Plastics - BlackBrook Case

Why Leather Accessories for Your Phone Are Better Than Plastics

The average American spends 5.4 hours a day on their cellphone, with around 13 percent glued to their phone for a whopping 12 hours every day. 

We now use our phones for everything, from work to keeping in touch with loved ones. That phone in your pocket - or, let's be honest, in your hand - is probably the most important item you own when it comes to staying connected. And it's likely to have cost you a pretty penny too. 

As such, it seems logical that you'd want to protect your phone with stylish and secure leather accessories that were built to last. 

Read on to find out why leather is the smart choice when it comes to phone accessories. 

Leather Phone Cases

Leather Phone Accessories vs Plastic Phone Accessories

Let's take a look at some of the key benefits of a leather phone case over its plastic counterpart:


The main function of phone accessories is to protect your phone from wear and tear, making durability a key factor. 

While plastic phone accessories are vulnerable to scratches and breaks, genuine leather is a strong and sturdy material, known for its durability and resistance. This makes a leather phone case almost impossible to tear, dent, or scratch, ensuring your phone remains safe and protected at all times. 

Extra Protection

Often, plastic phone cases only cover the back of the phone, leaving the screen exposed to scratching and cracking.

While snap-back leather mobile phone cases are an excellent choice, an additional detachable leather wallet phone case offers that extra level of protection. This is especially handy if you store your phone alongside keys and other belongings in your bag, or if you're prone to dropping it. 


Leather wallet phone cases also offer the added convenience of storing your cash, cards, and ID, while the Bi-Fold leather wallet case has even more slots if necessary. 

And, if you're all about that hands-free life, you can also use your case as a kickstand, making it easier to watch movies, record yourself, or video-call friends while completing other tasks. 


Last but not least, a leather phone case is infinitely more stylish than a plastic case. Sure, you might not be able to choose from as many designs and prints, but why would you want to? Leave the stickers and glitter to the kids, and opt for a classic leather mobile phone case instead.   

That's not to say you have to stick to standard black or brown leather. There are plenty of colors to choose from, including this chic nude leather phone case and this adventurous ostrich blue phone case

Why Leather Accessories Are The Smart Choice for Your Phone

From extra durability to undeniable style, there are lots of great reasons to protect your phone with leather accessories. 

And, with a range of leather phone cases made for various Apple iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy models, and Google Pixel phones, you can be sure of the perfect fit for your phone. 

For more information on our great range of leather phone cases and more, feel free to contact ustoday!

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