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How to Protect & Clean the iPhone 13 - BlackBrook Case

How to Protect & Clean the iPhone 13

In just a few days, iPhone users will have the option to upgrade their smartphones to the new iPhone 13. While it won’t come with a lot of design changes, it will be packed with new features making it faster, smarter, more efficient, and better-performing from a variety of different angles.

As we can all expect, the iPhone 13 will come with a hefty price tag. Like any large investment, maintaining your new phone for long-term use is essential. It’s the only way you can ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. After all, you don’t want to watch money go down the drain.

The good news is your new iPhone is splash, water, and dust resistant. The bad news is that doesn’t mean you won’t need to clean it or protect it on a regular basis. Don’t worry, we’ve got a number of tips and suggestions for you to follow when getting the most out of your iPhone 13.

iPhone 13

Cleaning the iPhone 13

Cleaning your iPhone 13 on a regular basis is very important, yet it’s something most people don’t do often enough. Just think about all the places your phone has been, as well as all the germs and bacteria it collects every single day. Without cleaning it, that dirt isn’t going anywhere.

Depending on how often you use your phone, you should be cleaning it on a daily basis. While that might seem like a lot of effort, the process of cleaning your phone is extremely easy. In fact, it’ll only take you a few minutes and won’t require a lot of cleaning utensils to complete.

For starters, all you’ll need when cleaning your iPhone 13 is a soft, lint-free cloth and a little bit of water. If you need a deeper clean, you’ll need some isopropyl alcohol, a toothpick, a flashlight, and some compressed air. Don’t worry, we’ll break down the step-by-step directions below!

iphone 13 taking picture

Step 1: Remove Your Phone Case

The first step is very simple and straightforward. You’re going to want to remove your phone case, otherwise, you won’t be able to clean the back and the sides of your iPhone 13. Plus, it gives you a chance to give your phone case a good cleaning, which is definitely recommended.

Step 2: Turn Off the Phone & Disconnect Cables

The next step is also very simple and straightforward. By turning off the phone, you avoid accidentally calling someone or deleting something while cleaning the touchscreen. You’ll also want to disconnect the charging cable from the lightning port so it doesn’t get in your way. 

Step 3: Moisten Lint-Free Cloths With Water

The third step is when the cleaning really starts. You’ll want to moisten your soft, lint-free cloth with water to the point that it’s damp, but not soaked. Despite your iPhone 13 being resistant to water, you don’t want to risk anything while cleaning it. We want to clean the phone, not break it.

If you need a deeper clean than water can provide, feel free to create a 50/50 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol. Again, moisten the cloth, but don’t soak it. This will enhance the cleaning power while ensuring you don’t damage the phone in the process. 

Step 4: Wipe the Phone Down With Minimal Pressure

Now that you have your dampened cloth, you’re ready to start cleaning your phone. With minimal pressure, start wiping down the front, back, and sides of the phone. Make sure you get the areas where dust and debris might get trapped, like around the notch and camera modules.

You might come across some areas that require a little more pressure. This is where the isopropyl alcohol mixture comes in handy. It should be able to lift up any dirt without needing to apply that extra pressure.

Step 5: Dry the Phone With a Clean Cloth

By the time you’re done wiping down the iPhone 13, you should have some droplets of water on the front, back, and side. Here, you’ll want to take a clean lint-free cloth and give the phone one more wipe down. This will remove any water or moisture that’s left on the phone and dry it off. 

Once dry, you’ll have a clean iPhone 13 that’s ready for use. It’s best to repeat these steps every night or every morning -- whichever you prefer. 

How to Clean the Lightning Port

In addition to cleaning the screen, the back, and the border of the iPhone 13, you’re going to want to make sure the lightning port stays clean and clear of debris. When debris builds up, it could compromise the function of the port, making it impossible to charge your phone properly.

This is where your toothpick, flashlight, and compressed air come in handy. The toothpick can free up any debris, the flashlight helps you see inside the port, and the compressed air helps blow any debris out of the port. This can help you keep your lightning port functioning properly. 

It’s best to start with compressed air. If that doesn’t get everything out, move on to the toothpick, but be extremely careful and gentle so you don’t damage anything inside the port. When finished, blow more compressed air into it to finish the job. Now you have a clean port!

Protecting the iPhone 13

Now that you have a clean phone that looks and functions the way it’s supposed to, you’re going to want to protect it for long-term use. This includes protecting it from the outside elements, as well as those scary drops that are inevitable when walking around with your new iPhone 13. 

Luckily, this is where Black Brook Case comes in to save the day. We offer a wide range of unique leather iPhone cases made out of premium, full-grain leather. They not only protect your phone, but they do it in style and add a bit of functionality to the phone -- such as acting as a wallet. 

Feel free to shop our wide selection of iPhone 13 phone cases and contact us if you have any questions. We can’t wait to help you get the most out of your new iPhone 13 today!

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