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iOS 11 Has Been Rolled Out and This What You Need to Know - BlackBrook Case

iOS 11 Has Been Rolled Out and This What You Need to Know

Apple is finally rolling out the iOS 11. There are many big changes that will allow you to streamline your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone x utilization. With a September 19th launch date we here at Burkley Case understand your excitement and are here to help you understand just what this iOS 11 update means to you. Your personal phone usage will change now and forever. Here is what you need to be aware of.


1)Artificial Reality is coming your way.

Apple will allow its iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone x users to look through their phone’s screen at their surroundings. This is not new, what is new is that items will appear on the screen that are not visible to the rest of the world. There will be a virtual tape measure, the ability to see a rocket land in your friend’s pool, and the capability to step through a portal into a new world. This last feature will be not unlike walking through a video game via your phone’s screen. No one else will see these things, just you but, wow.

2)Siri will make suggestions.

Siri’s search results will appear more like Google’s “cards.” You can choose a follow up question by tapping on a card. What is interesting is that Siri will be suggesting what you may have wanted to ask next. Siri will be able to translate such languages as Chinese, Italian, French, German, and Spanish. Siri will learn new words and make suggestions based on what you use your phone to actually do. Siri will work with outside apps and you will be able to pay bills with Siri and even call for a ride.

3)A change in the camera app will lead to more efficient storage.

Videos will take up less space thanks to improved compression abilities. Low light pictures will appear more bright and clear. Live photos will be able to be looped like a movie. Now, live photos will be trimmed and edited automatically. Long exposure will assists you in taking great pictures of the great outdoors.

4)Your Control Center will now appear as one panel.

In iOS 10 featured three panels as compared to iOS 11’s one panel. You will now have toggles and sliders featured immediately which you may select. By pressing harder on the screen the user will have more granular controls.

5)The notification center will appear on the lock screen.

You will be able to scroll up even when your screen is locked to see all notifications. You will still be able to see swipe to see your widgets on the right and a left swipe will bring you to your camera.

6)iMessage will do a better job of syncing conversations.

When you sync your iPad or iPhone, for example, your iCloud will sync all of your conversations without your even having to ask. If you delete a conversation from your iPhone or iPad, it will be deleted on the other devise as well. iMessages will have an app drawer. The app drawer will cut down on wasted space and keep you more organized.

7)Apple Pay will allow you to transfer money and send it directly to your friends.

With Apple Pay you will be able to make bank transfers and purchases alike. You will be able to make payments to your peers. Your purchases will be authenticated with your fingerprint. Suggestions for timely payment will appear now as well. Apple Pay will with Apple Watch and iOS devices.

8)Apple Maps will allow you to see how buildings are laid out.

You will be able to see floor by floor plans of shopping malls and airports. You will be able to be more cautious of your driving speed as Maps will feature speed limit notifications. You will even be told which lane that it is best for you to drive in so as to make a more efficient driving decision. No one likes to miss an exit, now do they?

9)Apple CarPlay will make driving safer

The installation of iOS 11 will allow you to turn on the DO Not Disturb While Driving option which will keep any notifications off of your screen while you drive your car. You will also have the option of turning this mode off and on as you please. CarPlay will even feature an auto-response letting the person trying to reach you know that you are driving but, you will still receive messages if they are emergency in nature

10)Apple Music will improve your phone’s entertainment quality.

Apple Music will feature multiroom audio meaning that you will be able to play music through different speakers in more than one room by using an AirPlay 2 protocol. You make sure that your friends can see your playlists when you make the playlists public. Third party applications will allow you to songs that the app identifies as something that you may like.

11)Apple redesigned the App Store.

There are now separate tabs for Games, Applications, and Today’s Featured applications. There will be a featured spot for intra-applications purchases. You will be able to show off a new character or even make it known that you reached a new level in a game.

12)You will have drastically improved iPad capabilities.

There will be a new application switcher that will allow for the drag and drop of images, texts, and so much more. At the simple touch of a button, you will now be able to utilize punctuation and numbers. This means no more switching views. There is a new application that files all that you need and helps you stay organized. It will work on your iPad and will support Google Drive, Box and more. The iPad will work with The Apple Pencil on such a level that it is actually beautiful. The Notes application will feature handwriting recognition, search, and in-line drawings.

The iOS 11 rollout will allow so much more power in the hands of the user of Apple new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone x. Download will be well worth it and we here at Burkley Case will be very happy to help you find the right here on our website.

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