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iPhone 13 Rumors You Won't Want to Miss - BlackBrook Case

iPhone 13 Rumors You Won't Want to Miss

The iPhone 13 is set to be the fastest, most efficient smartphone ever produced by Apple. They continue to find ways to improve upon their devices and are devoted to providing customers with the best possible smartphone year-in and year-out -- and 2021 won’t be any different. 

In fact, a recent survey by SellCell revealed that nearly 44% of iPhone users plan on upgrading their current iPhone to the newest model. Of that 44%, over 38% of them are interested in the base model, 31% are interested in the Pro Max, 24% the Pro, and a mere 7% want the Mini.

This leads us to our first rumor -- this could be the last year we see Apple release an iPhone Mini. With the poor sales record of previous Mini models, Apple very well could do away with the cost-efficient version and focus more time, energy, and effort on the base and Pro models. 

So, what iPhone 13 rumors are out?

The good news is there are a ton of different rumors swirling around the new iPhone, especially considering Apple has yet to unveil its plans for it. While we have to wait another month or so before we get those plans, that leaves a lot of room for speculation, hype, and excitement. 

For example, we still have no idea what Apple plans on calling the new iPhone in 2021. While it’s very likely they roll with iPhone 13, it’s still possible we see them go with the iPhone 12S. It wouldn’t be a huge surprise, considering how similar it will be to last year’s iPhone 12 release.

Below, we’re going to dive into some of the biggest rumors about the iPhone 13 and what you can expect -- or maybe not expect -- from the newest iPhone. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth the hefty investment and potential upgrade. 

Battery Life Concerns

One of the major downfalls with the iPhone 12 series was the shorter-than-expected battery life. It’s something that Apple is intent on fixing with their iPhone 13 lineup and it seems as if they’ve found a way to do that by switching to space-saving components, allowing for larger batteries. 

For example, rumors state that they’re integrating the SIM slot with the mainboard and reducing the front optical module thickness. All in all, you can expect to see a 4352mAh battery in the Pro Max model, a 3095mAh battery in the Pro and base model, and a 2406mAh battery in the Mini.  

Camera Improvements

Improved cameras are something you can expect with every new iPhone. For example, you can expect to see the larger sensor that was rolled out with the iPhone 12 Pro models in all iPhone 13 models. You can also expect sensor-shift stabilization for better autofocus and stabilization. 

Other rumors regarding the camera improvements include upgraded ultra-wide camera lenses, improved optical zoom, portrait mode videos, and a larger camera unit. Not only that but better low-light performance and six-element lens are expected for just the iPhone 13 Pro models.

The Return of Touch ID

Older iPhone models were notorious for their Touch ID fingerprint sensor, but that started to change when Apple introduced Face ID. In fact, the introduction of Face ID spelled the end of Touch ID to the point the iPhone 12 models did away with the fingerprint sensor completely. 

Well, that could be changing again. Apple is rumored to be bringing back Touch ID in the near future as an in-display or under-display feature -- utilizing ultrasonic technology or optical technology. This is very important, considering face masks make it difficult to use Face ID. 

It’s still unclear whether we will see this rolled out with the iPhone 13 or in a future iPhone release.

No More Lightning Port?

Another concept that Apple has flirted with is doing away with the lightning port and going with a portless design that relies on wireless charging and Bluetooth pairing. Unfortunately, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests Apple could save this for a future rollout, not the iPhone 13. 

For now, it appears Apple is sticking with the lightning port and won’t consider switching over to the USB-C port (which is less waterproof than the lighting port). They’ll consider a portless phone when MagSafe accessories are more mature and more common. When they do, you can even expect reverse wireless charging. 

Smaller Notch for Face ID

Rumors state that Apple could be going with a smaller notch at the top of the phone, which will be shallower and take up less space. This is possible by moving the earpiece speaker, which currently sits in the middle of the notch, to the bezel (border) of the phone.

Always-On Display

Similar to the Apple Watch, the new iPhone 13 series could feature an always-on display that allows some data to show on the screen even when the phone is off. It would essentially resemble a toned-down lock screen that shows the current time, battery life, and notifications.

120Hz Display Refresh Rate

Perhaps one of the most-anticipated rumors is the 120Hz display refresh rate, which will likely be available to the Pro models. This is possible due to ProMotion display technology -- similar to what they use with the iPad Pro -- LTPO display technology, OLED displays, and Y-OCTA display technology.

It was something that Apple considered last year with the iPhone 12, but battery life concerns got in the way. Since those concerns are being resolved with the iPhone 13, there’s a chance we see this rolled out in 2021 after a lot of anticipation. 

What Are the Apple iPhone 13 Models?

With the iPhone 13 lineup, don’t expect a major upgrade to the design of the new iPhone models. They’ll likely mimic that of the iPhone 12 lineup, especially considering we saw major design changes last year. With that said, expect improvements in speed, efficiency, and function.

You can also expect to see the same screen sizes as we saw in the last release -- a 5.4” iPhone 13 Mini model, a 6.1” iPhone 13 model and iPhone 13 Pro model, and a 6.7” iPhone 13 Pro Max model. 

When Is the iPhone 13 Release Date?

As of right now, we’re expecting to see the iPhone 13 lineup unveiled in the fall of 2021 and a likely launch in September of 2021. This would fall in line with release dates pre-COVID-19 outbreak. Of course, they could face production delays like last year, especially considering they’re increasing production from 75 million in 2020 to 90 million in 2021.

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