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Love Leather? 8 Ways to Extend Your Leather Phone Case's Life! | BlackBrook Case

Love Leather? 8 Ways to Extend Your Leather Phone Case's Life!

Do you love your leather phone case? Who doesn't? They're among the best leather gifts because they're not only beautiful but also functional.

However, they aren't always affordable. They're also not immune to damage. You need to take good care of them to extend their lifespan.

Fortunately, we've got 8 useful tips to help you take care of your leather phone wallet. Follow our guide below to keep it beautiful for years:

1. Regular Wipedown

Prioritize quality cleaning over constant cleaning. That said, you should still give your leather phone case a simple wipedown every two weeks. Get a piece of cloth, dampen it with water, and give your case a thorough cleaning.

2. Leather Conditioning

As soon as you buy your leather case, buy waterproofing sprays, a stain protector, and a conditioner. 

Conditioners help keep leather supple and flexible. You'll need to apply this to your leather case every 3-4 months so it won't get dry and crack.

3. Buy Waterproofing Sprays

Although it's unlikely you'll bring your phone into deep water, you might still expose the case to rain and snow. A little leather waterproofing once a week can protect your case from the elements.

4. Use a Stain Protector

Stain protectors can help keep your leather case safe from ketchup spills or wine spills. Again, you don't need to apply this all the time but do so consistently. One application per week can get the job done.

5. Proper Storage

As mentioned, genuine leather can crack when dry. Maintain its flexibility by storing your leather phone case in places free from direct sunlight. While out, store your phone in a bag or under your shirt to keep it away from sunlight.

6. Careful Use

It should come as no surprise but you need to practice caution and proper use. Don't let your case and phone drop to the floor, avoid using your phone in the bathroom, and avoid leaving your phone and case by the window. Don't leave your phone on the table, exposing it to potential spills and stains.

7. Avoid Chemical Exposure

When cleaning your phone case, don't use strong soap detergents. These chemicals can destroy the leather texture. Some might burn through the surface.

8. Bags and Pockets

If you can, don't toss your leather phone case in a bag or pocket containing any metal object. This means you shouldn't shove the case in a bag filled with your car keys, pens, and coins. All of these could scratch and harm the leather surface.

Take Better Care of Your Leather Phone Case!

You don't need tons of cash to keep your leather phone case in good condition. Simply follow these 8 basic steps and you can already extend its life for years. It's all about keeping your leather case properly shaded, scratch-free, and protected from the elements.

But it doesn't end here. We offer tons of useful tips and tricks for you to discover. Check out this guide to learn which type of phone case you should get!

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