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Make a Statement: Choosing Luxury Apple Watch Bands That Last - BlackBrook Case

Make a Statement: Choosing Luxury Apple Watch Bands That Last

Did you know Apple holds 55% of the smartwatch market?

A smartwatch comes with the territory these days, and we all know Apple is the head honcho in that game. Have you dressed up your Apple Watch yet? 

No? Great, well, continue reading, and we'll tell you what you should consider when you look for your luxury Apple Watch bands. 

best leather apple watch band

What's the Occasion?

From the office to your anniversary dinner, when do you want to wear your luxury apple watch band?

If you are an all the time person, keep that in mind for wear and tear. If you're strictly gym or strictly occasions, that's important to think of too. There are bands for all events and even evergreen bands that are useful all the time. 

If your watch acts as a clock, fitness tracker, and a daily reminder, why not show it off for all occasions and change its style whenever needed?

You can use your watch as a casual accessory or as a bold statement piece.

What's Your Style?

We all lean towards an individual style in fashion and life. Are you sporty or more boho?

Determining what style you like is essential so you can find a luxury band that matches you and goes with everything from your briefcase to your shoes. And don't worry, there's a band out there for everyone. 

Apple offers space black, space grey, gold, and silver for your smartwatch's aluminum choices. If you rather have stainless steel, your options are space black, gold, and silver. Picking the right leather for your band will help accentuate your Apple Watch. 

Timeless and classy? Leather band. Rugged and tough? Leather band. See, it works for almost anything! 

Types of Luxury Apple Watch Bands

The make of your watch will also help you decide what you're looking for. Some are made with nylon and others are leather. When it comes to considering what's "luxury," you have to lean towards team leather. 

Did you also know that you have choices when it comes to the leather type?

You can go genuine leather or full-grain leather. Ones a little pricier, but we're talking luxury remember? 

Of course, if you invest more in a full-grain leather band, it will last you longer than an equally stylish but slightly less expensive genuine leather band. 

When we're talking about occasions, and you were thinking, "I want a band for everything," then you are going to like calfskin leather best. Calfskin watch bands are low maintenance, perfect for every occasion, classy, and timeless. 

This sounds ideal, right?

Time to Decide

Now you know what you need to consider when looking for your next luxury Apple Watch bands. Luxury, smartwatches genuinely stand out when they're paired with good quality bands made from leather. 

If you're ready to jump on team leather, then head to the Burkley Case site to find the perfect band. 

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