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Organized and Stylish: Best Types of Briefcases for Every Profession - BlackBrook Case

Organized and Stylish: Best Types of Briefcases for Every Profession

When was the last time you checked the bag you used for work or school?

Have you considered the types of briefcases you've used and what they say about you? We bet you didn't think about that. 

Don't worry, keep reading we'll help you figure out how to stay organized and stylish when you pick your next leather briefcase to make an impact. 

The Types of Briefcases

As you may already know, not all briefcases are created equal. Do you know the different options, though?

There are a few common types we will go over, including:

  • Traditional carry
  • Leather pilot bags
  • Belted cover
  • Full-grain leather bags
  • Security 

The traditional-carry briefcase is what you picture when you think of a briefcase. It has top handles for carrying at your side instead of over the shoulder or cross-body.

If you're looking for a more rugged bag with the utility of a briefcase than a leather briefcase bag with a belted cover is for you. The pilot bag doesn't look like your typical briefcase but functions like one. It replaces the flap cover of the belted briefcase with additional pockets and storage areas.

When Will You Use It?

When you think about your next briefcase, consider the occasions you'll carry it with. 

Are you heading to a fancy law firm? Aim for a luxury bag.

Off to travel for work? Make sure it's safely secured. 

Are you working for a relaxed and trendy startup? Maybe a vintage-looking, rugged option is best. 

Each person will need a bag that suits their life. For example, a student carrying textbooks will need a different briefcase than a lawyer carrying files. Messenger bags are nice, but won't they hurt your shoulder standing for the train for too long? 

There's a bag for all needs and styles, but leather goes with them all. You can't go wrong with a well-crafted leather briefcase. 

Briefcase Maintenance

Did you know you have to care for your leather briefcase to help it last longer and peak presentation? It's essential to think of this when you're choosing your next leather briefcase and which leather you go with. 

There are a few tips you can use to help maintain a sophisticated and impressive briefcase. Burkley Cases suggests:

  1. Use conditioner
  2. Check the moisture
  3. Monitor the interior
  4. Avoid the rain
  5. Store it right

You might be questioning a few of these tips, but don't worry we'll answer those for you. 

Conditioning your briefcase helps your leather not dry out and also cleans your bag. This is only an occasional need but one of the most important. Checking the moisture by wiping down your bag with a damp rag will also help you keep it from drying out and keeping the dust and dirt off your bag. 

You should make sure to keep your briefcase in a cool and dark place when you're not using it also to help the leather stay in tip-top shape. Rain is inevitable, but when it happens, make sure your leather bag air dries entirely with no help from other sources. 

So What Do You Think?

Now you know all the details that go into looking through types of briefcases, have you made up your mind? 

If you're ready to take the leap and ditch your old bag for a new sophisticated and impressive leather briefcase head over to Burkley Cases.

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