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The Greatest Tips on How to Not Lose Your AirPods - BlackBrook Case

The Greatest Tips on How to Not Lose Your AirPods

Apple's AirPods, like so many other Apple products, have revolutionized their industry. AirPods connect automatically and quickly to BlueTooth, charge in a matter of minutes, and boast a substantial battery life.

However, the major downside of AirPods is that they are extremely small and have no wires to keep them attached. This means that you run the risk of dropping and losing one — especially if you are exercising or walking outdoors. This is a hefty mistake since regular AirPods cost $69 each to replace(and $89 for the pro version!).

Of course, you could also purchase a strap or cable for your AirPods, but at that point why not just use wired headphones? Read on for a few novel tips on how to not lose your AirPods.


Use Athletic Tape

If you are doing cardio, the movement associated with running or biking could potentially knock an AirPod out of your ear. In order to prevent this from happening, you can use clear athletic tape to hold them in place. This will be invisible to passersby, but will still keep your music pumping during your workout.

Of course, you'll likely have to clean some adhesive and gunk off of your AirPods if you choose to do this. 

Buy Earhooks or AirPod Covers

If you don't want to have to tape your ears up every time you go for a run, you can buy earhooks for your AirPods. These are rubber fittings that attach to your AirPods, hooking over your ear so that they stay stable as you move.

Alternatively, if you find earhooks to be uncomfortable to wear, you can buy AirPod covers. These fit over the head of your AirPods and will create more friction inside of your ear. This makes it much less likely for your AirPods to fall out and can make them more comfortable to wear as well. 

Turn on Find My iPhone

Though not a way to prevent losing your AirPods in the first place, turning on Find My iPhone can help you recover them if you end up losing them. It's important that you do this as soon as you get your AirPods, as you can't link them retroactively after losing them. 

Find My iPhone allows you to play a tone loudly through your AirPods, which makes it simple to find them if they're buried in your home. Additionally, if their battery is dead but they were previously in use, you can find their lost known location on the map. This can help you narrow your search down, especially if you lost them outside of your house. 

Learn How to Not Lose Your AirPods By Being Careful

While the above products can help you keep and recover lost AirPods, the best way how to not lose your AirPods is to be careful with them. As an Apple product, they are expensive and high-quality. You should treat them as such, and always pay attention to where your AirPods and charging case are when out and about.

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