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The Wire-Free Advantage: All the Benefits of a Wireless Charger - BlackBrook Case

The Wire-Free Advantage: All the Benefits of a Wireless Charger

Wireless phone and device charging is, unquestionably, cool. The ability to put your phone down on a pad or plastic station, not plug it in, and have it start charging? How convenient can you get? But are there any other benefits of wireless charging, besides it being a fun bit of convenience to brag to your friends and coworkers about? Well, of course, there are.

Join us today as we bring you three of the best reasons out there to switch over to wireless charging. Because, believe it or not, convenience is only the beginning, and this is among the greatest mobile accessories out there, right now!

Reduced Wear and Tear

First, a short answer to the question you've doubtlessly asked before. "How does wireless charging work?" In short, it's a charging system that works by transferring energy from a charger to a phone via a receiver and electromagnetic induction.

Aside from being more convenient, one of the biggest benefits of using a wireless charger is that it cuts wear on your cables down by 100%. Whereas most users will connect and disconnect chargers with every charge, wireless chargers do not. And, though that might seem obvious, the end result is fewer connectors to wear out, over time. 

Once your wireless charger is connected, it will be ready to charge your phone. No pushing a USB or lightning connector into or out of the phone itself. This also means less damage to the phone itself, as missed connections can scratch up the area around your charging port. 

Great For Charging Multiple Devices

Convenience is at the top of most people's lists when it comes to using a wireless charger. When it comes to wireless charging benefits, this convenience is doubled. Just consider how many devices most wireless chargers can actually connect to. In the case of Apple, for example, it's been said that the next generation of AirPods will come with an AirPower case. Drop the whole unit onto your wireless charger and you're good to go.

When it comes to small accessories, wireless charging is the best. Use one wireless charger for all of your devices, too, with consecutive devices perfectly capable of a charge on the same wireless charger

Increased Security and Ease-of-Use

You may not ever think about it, but the truth is plugging your iPhone into a strange cable is always dangerous, no matter where it is. Malware of all sorts could be hidden on the other side of that cable. The cable may be of a substandard quality which could lead to various problems.

It's safer, on the other hand, to drop it onto a wireless cell phone charger. With wireless chargers popping up everywhere, expect to find wireless charging opportunities everywhere. Avoid the inconvenience of large backup batteries. Public charging spots are convenient and available at various coffee shops around the country.

Discover The Benefits Of Wireless Charging

In the quest for more convenience, we moved on from the landline phones of years before to the cell and smartphones of today. But, just because our phones are more convenient than they've ever been doesn't mean there's no more room to improve their peripherals. With charging mats and wireless charging stations taking the world by storm, there are dozens of ways to keep your phone up and running, every day. The advantage of wireless charging is in its convenience, but it's the various ways it is convenient that make all the difference.

Looking for more great tips and insights into keeping your phone at the top of its game, beyond the benefits of wireless charging? Check out some of our other awesome blog pieces, today!

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