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What Type of Phone Case Should You Get? The Ultimate Guide - BlackBrook Case

What Type of Phone Case Should You Get? The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that Americans spent over $3 billion in 2017 fixing shattered screens on their phones? Yup!

To save yourself from joining this expensive and shocking statistic, you need a phone case. 

That's pretty simple. But what's not so simple is choosing the perfect type of phone case. The kind that suits your needs, nails your style, and is worth the money. 

Fortunately, stylish, functional, and downright killer phone cases are our business—literally. So, read on to find out everything you need to know about what kind of phone case you need. 

Decide on Material

One of the primary things you will need to decide when looking at phone cases is what material you want it to be made out of. 

You can choose to go with chunky rubberized cases, made for protection against lots of drops and bounces. You can also go with slick acrylic.

For a sophisticated look, there is either PU leather or genuine leather. PU leather comes at a much lower price point than real leather. However, it is much less durable and can start to look less-than-stellar quite quickly. 

Real leather on the other hand merely gets more attractive and alluring with age and will last for the lifetime of your phone, and beyond, with the right leather care

What's more, thanks to its long-lasting characteristics and ability to biodegrade, leather is considered by many to be more sustainable than PU leather and other plastic materials. 

Evaluate What Functions You Want

When going through the different phone case types, you also need to consider what functions you want your case to have.

Must it be water or shatterproof? Does it need to have a stand so that you can watch movie clips hands-free? 

There are many functions out there that you can choose from such as battery packs, range extenders, and even inbuilt mirrors for checking your look on the fly. (If the case you want doesn't have this feature... never fear, there is an app for this...)

Out of all of these options, the one that many people love (ourselves included) is the wallet phone case. Wallet phone cases allow you to protect your phone at all times, without these need for a bulky or unattractive case. 

At the same time, you can use it to carry your credit cards, ID, driver's license, and notes. The dual-functionality of these phone cases make them uber practical for on-the-go people who want all of their essentials in one handy place. 

Ensure That You Order the Right Size

Lastly, it's no good if you order the perfect phone case for your needs—only to find that when it arrives it is the wrong size! So, be extra careful when ordering phone cases and ensure that they are made specifically for the model of phone that you have. 

The Type of Phone Case You Get Speaks Volumes About Your Style

Did you think that the only phone cases on the market were acrylic plastic, covered in sequins? Fortunately, this is not the case. There are many different types of phone cases available, some of which happen to be classy, stylish and practical all at the same time.

The type of phone case you choose reflects both your tastes and your lifestyle, so think carefully about what material, features, and dimensions you need. 

If you are interested in phone cases for Samsung or for Apple iPhone models, be sure to browse our selection of handcrafted leather cases.

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