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Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Accessories for Your Smartphone in 2022 - BlackBrook Case

Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Accessories for Your Smartphone in 2022

Are you looking for the best mobile accessories for your smartphone? You've come to the right place.

Smartphones don't come cheap, and it's important for you to get useful and durable accessories for your phone. And with the latest phones integrating with new technologies, you want to make sure those accessories are compatible with them.

So what kind of accessories should you buy? Read on to learn about the three most popular accessories of 2022 and where you can get them.

Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Accessories for Your Smartphone in 2022

1. Magsafe Cases

Wireless charging is the newest craze, allowing for safe and effective charging without the annoyance of debris in the charging port. Apple has taken things to a new level with its Magsafe technology (available on iPhone 12 and after). And Magsafe cases are increasingly popular among Apple accessories.

You can opt for a clear Magsafe case, which comes with a magnetically attached wireless power transfer. It offers a quick charge that works with any Magsafe and Qi-certified charger. It also has the added benefit of allowing the phone color you spent forever deciding on to be on display.

You can also get a leather Magsafe case, which is excellent since leather is considered one of the most durable materials for cases. Leather also adds a touch of style and sophistication to your phone. Keep in mind you will need some mobile cleaning accessories like leather balm, to keep the leather in top condition.

2. Wallets

Some phone cases have a flip cover that opens up to reveal wallet-style slots. This is a great way to keep everything together and not have to carry so much around in your pockets.

You can also consider getting the Duke Leather Wallet for iPhone. This wallet, thanks to Apple's Magsafe technology, easily snaps onto the back of your phone. The magnetic force holds everything secure, and a thumbslot in the back allows easy access.

3. Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are both popular and vital Apple and Samsung accessories. These covers prevent your screen from shattering to pieces, which is excellent if you have kids who play with your phone and may not be that careful with it. Many cases are also built to resist smudges and fingerprints.

Consider getting a Tempered Glass case at 9H hardness. Not only is this a high level of protection, but they are also scratch resistant and made with anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating. They also offer a crystal clear display and are bubble free.

Most Popular Mobile Accessories

Those are the three most popular mobile accessories of 2022. These accessories have the benefits of being both stylish and practically useful for your phone. And, you can get all of them and more at Blackbrook Strong Leather.

We've got all the mobile accessories listed above and more. We also offer the accessories such as tablet cases and Airpod cases. You can also feel to check out our non-mobile accessories such as belts, wallets, handbags, etc.

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