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Your Options for Stylish and Durable Phone Cases - BlackBrook Case

Your Options for Stylish and Durable Phone Cases

Did you know that plastic phone cases could be doing more harm than good to the environment? During the decomposition of your phone case, toxic chemicals are released into the soil causing damaging effects. In addition to this, phone cases are easily breakable, and this leads to constant repurchasing.

If you are on the hunt for stylish and durable phone cases, then look no further than this brief guide. 

Clear Case With MagSafe 

Is spending so long debating the color of your phone to put a case over the top of it, not your style? The MagSafe case would be perfect for you. 

The case comes with a magnetically attached wireless power transfer, designed to quickly and safely charge your phone while allowing the color of your phone to shine through. The case works with MagSafe and Qi-certified chargers. If wireless charging is your thing, this is your case. 

Pieno-Lite Magnetic Detachable Leather Wallet Set 

Boasting 8 different colors, this super durable cell phone case also doubles as a wallet to keep all of your essentials safe and in one place. If you’re on the hunt for something with more eye-catching detail and a stylish appearance then consider this case. 

With 5 cards slots and a separate compartment for money, you are spoilt for space inside this durable case for your mobile phone. In addition, the case comes with a mag safe case meaning it is a super durable cell phone case. The case flips over the front of your phone covering your iPhone’s screen adding that extra layer of protection. 

The case can handle more wear and tear than your phone can so this addition to the case can add some peace of mind. 

Barlow Full Leather Snap-on Back Cover Case 

If you are unsure about the appearance of a flip case then a great alternative is this fully leather-covered phone case for mobile phones. If protecting your screen is a concern, the phone case comes with a raised lip to protect your iPhone when placed on a surface.

The phone case has a lightweight frame and looks sleek and stylish due to its snug fit and metal hardware in place of the buttons. 

Durable Phone Cases

Durable phone cases can be hard to find nowadays with mass production. Yet, these handcrafted phone cases, made from high-quality, 100% full grain genuine leather are as durable as you can get.

Over time this leather absorbs oils that often enhance the look of the leather so there is no worry when it comes to the leather appearing run down. This ensures your phone case will be of the highest quality and have a luxurious feel. 

Stylish and Durable Phone Cases for All the Family

With iPhone cases available from iPhone 7 to 13 Pro Max there is a case for all the family. Designed for each iPhone model ensuring a snug fit and the best protection for your phone. 

Now you know where to find yourself a durable phone case for sale and options for some stylish phone cases

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