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What are the Top Trending Phone Cases This Year? - BlackBrook Case

What are the Top Trending Phone Cases This Year?

Finding the perfect case for your cell phone doesn't have to be overwhelming. Click here to find trending phone cases this year.

Where's my cell phone?! *GASP*

We all know that fear.

That sudden drop in your stomach.

What would you do if your phone was lost or broken? How would you check email? Instagram? Twitter? Your work schedule? The group text you put on mute yesterday? (Notice, actually making phone calls almost never crosses your mind. Go figure, huh?)

Since science now proves cell phone addiction is real, save yourself some anxiety. Protect the device you depend on every day with top trending phone cases.

I mean, if you're going to be looking at it all the time your phone might as well look fabulous, right?

Here are some phone case trends we've been seeing lately...

Cheap, Fast, and Fashionable

Much like clothing, there are cheap, trendy phone cases being made by the millions every single day. Consider these flimsy, plastic shells the Forever 21 of the cell phone case world.

Popular phone case brands and even clothing brands are making it easy to buy a new phone case for each day of the week if you like.

Fashion-focused iPhone cases are typically under $50, offer little shock absorption in case of a fall, and never protect your screen from scratches.

But they're so cute!

Hey, it's your phone and your money. The number of phone cases you need is totally up to you. I'm not here to judge.

Durable and Practical

On the other end of the spectrum, we've noticed a trend in phone cases that offer almost nothing visually in exchange for serious, heavy-duty protection.

These phone cases are typically neutral colored and made of rubber or extra plastic. Their selling points are keeping your phone intact after a nasty drop on cement, water resistance, lifelong warranty, etc.

Therein lies the fun of phone cases. You can buy a phone case to match your life, just as what's inside your phone already does. If you enjoy the outdoors and bring your phone on rough adventures often, you'll need a heavier case than fast fashion can provide.

Vintage Feel with Genuine Leather

So you're not interested in glittery plastic trends, but you don't go mountain biking every weekend either. What are other phone case options?

Keep your phone in mint condition while showing the world you appreciate the higher quality things in life. Get yourself a clever, genuine leather phone case.

Some brands like to comment on the contradiction between leather and modern tech by making your phone look like a book or other vintage item of yore. But you can buy a regular phone case that conveniently holds your other most precious items, and folds out like a wallet.

Whether you're feeling ironic or practical, there's a genuine leather phone case out there for you.

Want More Trending Phone Cases?

Here at Burkley we make the finest quality, genuine leather electronic accessories on the market.

For up to date info on the latest trending phone cases, check out our blog.

I heard a phone buzz!

Do you need to get that?

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