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What Features and Specs Will Apple iPhone 14 Will Have? - BlackBrook Case

What Features and Specs Will Apple iPhone 14 Will Have?

We have been seeing a lot of rumors about Apple's next flagship phone, the iPhone 14. The rumor mill is rife with rumors of a portless iPhone and Face ID integration, but we can't be sure until we see them in action. Mark Gurman, an Apple insider, has reported that the company tested under-display Touch ID, but they are largely pushing Face ID. This means that the fingerprint sensor is likely to work just as well as the Face ID feature, but it is unlikely this year.

Apple's new phone is expected to feature a faster screen. A 120Hz refresh rate is standard for flagships, and nearly all phones under $800 have it. This will give users a much smoother experience on the screen. The iPhone 13's 60Hz screen is still great, but there's a need for a higher-refresh rate. The iPhone 14's 120Hz panel will be able to keep up with the latest HD video and image content.

Apple is expected to ditch its Lightning port in the iPhone 14 and use MagSafe technology instead. However, there are still early renders that show the Lightning port intact. Apple hasn't confirmed or denied this possibility, but it seems likely that they will use the Lightning port in the iPhone 14. In any case, the switch could be gradual, with lower-end models following. Furthermore, some rumors indicate that Apple is planning to use a three-nanometer chip in the iPhone 15. However, this is just speculation - this device is expected to come with an enhanced 5nm manufacturing process.

Apple typically announces its flagship smartphones in September. Then, pre-orders and sales usually follow. So, we expect the iPhone 14 to launch in mid-to-late September, which would fall within the normal iPhone release cadence. If the rumors are true, the Apple iPhone 14 will arrive in mid-September. As previously mentioned, a leaked rumor tipped a September 13 launch event, but Apple is expected to stick with the usual iPhone release schedule.

The iPhone 14 is said to be made of glass on the back and front with an aluminum frame in the middle. On the front, the iPhone 14, just like the iPhone 13 has a 6.1-inch OLED screen with the familiar notch (the new i-shaped cutout is only available on the iPhone 14 Pro series).

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