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When Will iPhone 14 Come Out? - BlackBrook Case

When Will iPhone 14 Come Out?

Leather iPhone 14 Detachable Cardholder Wallet & Snap-On Case - Blackbook Case


When will the next iPhone come out? Normally Apple announces new models in the second week of September and releases them shortly thereafter. There's a chance that Apple could delay its release, however. The company is currently having trouble manufacturing enough phones and chip shortages may make the release date of the iPhone 14 later than expected. We'll keep you updated. In the meantime, let's look at the current status of the iPhone 14 rumors. Apple has renamed its top-end models since the iPhone 5S, and it's likely that the iPhone 14 will do the same. While the company has been making regular models with 6.1-inch displays, it's also possible that Apple will ditch the iPhone Mini and stick with the current screen sizes.

While it's unclear whether Apple will stick with the current round notch, it's possible that the company will adopt a different design for the iPhone 14. One of the most popular options is the hole-and-pill design, which resembles the iPhone 7. The latter is the preferred option for most users. The hole-and-pill design was first spotted on Chinese social networking site Weibo, and it's a possible notch-free iPhone.

While the Mini has already been canceled, the iPhone 14 could be renamed as the iPhone 14 Max. Its internal codename is D28. The phone will likely come with ProMotion support, though Apple has not confirmed this. As previously reported, the leaks of the iPhone 14 metal molds appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo. While these leaked images aren't official, they do suggest that the new iPhone will be released sometime in 2022.

As for the new iPhones, Apple will likely offer a selection of colors for the 14 series. Apple is likely to introduce a set of colors for the iPhone 14 Max, while a second hue for the iPhone Pro series. After the first series' release, Apple may even add a new color six months after the phone has been released. Alpine green was among the first colors to be added to the iPhone.

In addition to a redesign, the iPhone 14 is expected to feature WiFi 6E connectivity. This will enable high-speed wireless transmissions and is expected to be used in a mixed reality headset in 2022. Also, the iPhone 14 may launch without a physical SIM card slot, as Apple is transitioning to eSIM-only design. It has also advised major U.S. carriers to prepare for this transition by 2022.

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