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Which Type of Leather Is the Best Leather For Your Needs? - BlackBrook Case

Which Type of Leather Is the Best Leather For Your Needs?

Leather is a special material famously used in ancient times by civilizations like the Egyptians and the Romans.

In modern times, leather isn't just a great material for clothes and bags. It's also a great way to style and protect your phone, laptop, and accessories.

Whether you're looking for a stylish phone case, or you need good gifts that last, you should get the best leather to suit your needs. Read on to learn more!

Different Types of Leather

Leather comes in various textures, colors, and strengths. The different types of leather include:

  • Full-grain
  • Top-grain
  • Split-grain
  • Genuine

Each type has unique qualities based on the layer of animal hide they originate from. 

Full-grain comes from the outermost layers which are the grain and the corium junction. The grain is the very top of the leather that's typically smoother and sturdier than other layers. 

The top-grain utilizes the grain and the layer of corium just below the corium junction. It combines the tight, strong quality of the grain with the looser quality of the corium. Below this junction is the thick layer of corium with loose fibers. 

Split-grain and top-grain leather both come from the lower levels of the hide, such as the corium junction and the corium. They're much looser and less durable, but they're more receptive to color treatments and stylish finishes. 

Best Leather for Phone and Tablet Cases

If you're looking for leather that suits your electronic devices, full-grain may be the way to go. It has more water-resistant qualities, which can help prevent any water damage accidents with your phone or tablet.

Full-grain leather is also naturally tougher than other layers, which can protect your devices from scratches and wear. 

Although full grain leather has compact fibers, it can be a bulky fit for large phones. Smaller phones may fit a leather case and your back pocket better. 

Best Leather for Laptop Cases

Laptop cases need the durability and strength that full-grain leather provides. Because full-grain is exposed to harsh external elements like the weather, full-grain has a toughened quality.

If you need a reliable leather laptop case for travel, full-grain leather has that rugged quality you want.

However, top-grain leather actually has more flexibility than full-grain. It includes fibers from the looser corium layer, which adds more stretch and pliability.

Since the corium is also the thickest layer of hide, top-grain from the corium layer can provide cushion and flexibility in a laptop-case. On the other hand, full-grain leather offers a more compact fit with tougher fibers. 

Best Leather for Wallets and Bags

If you want to show off a leather bag or wallet, you could go for the most authentic type of leather. Since full-grain leather doesn't contain as many synthetic treatments as other kinds of leather, it's considered the most natural and valuable.

However, wallets and bags often incorporate colors and decorative finishes which split-grain is perfect for. It can be used in more aesthetic treatments than other kinds of leather.

Split-grain won't be as rugged or durable as full-grain or top-grain, but it has more coloring capability.

How to Choose the Best Leather 

Choosing the best leather is all about knowing what you need. If you want durability and a pure leather look, you'll want the tougher layers of leather.

On the other hand, the looser layers offer a softer, more delicate way to sport the leather look.

Ready to start shopping? You can browse your options by checking out the latest items on sale right now!

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