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How to Care for Your Leather Samsung Case - BlackBrook Case

How to Care for Your Leather Samsung Case

Leather is one of the most sustainable and durable materials. It's a great choice for a phone case because you know that it's going to keep your phone safe and sound. Bonus: it looks great.

But how do you take care of your leather Samsung case so it can keep looking great for years to come? Read on to learn all about how to take care of leather phone or tablet cases.

While You're Using It

While the Samsung Galaxy S9 cases (and our other Samsung cases) are made of leather, they're still durable and they make great protective coverings for your phone. That said, you should still treat them with care while they're in use. 

When you're using your Samsung leather case, do your best to keep it away from water. Water won't damage the case in small amounts, but you'll want to wipe it away relatively quickly to avoid any future discoloration. 

Even in water, leather cases will still protect phones!

You should also make an effort to avoid too much direct sunlight. Genuine leather can crack or discolor when it's left in the hot sun. You also shouldn't leave your phone itself in the sun, so this shouldn't be an issue. 

Keep your case secure in a bag or pocket so you avoid scuffs.

If you wear makeup or heavy skincare products, be more diligent about wiping off your phone (and your hands after touching your face). You should also avoid placing your phone in dyed fabric (like dark denim, which can rub off and stain the soft leather). 

Cleaning the Case

Cleaning the leather Samsung case is simple. 

Most of the time, wiping it down with a damp (but not wet) cloth will be enough. That said, if your phone case is dirty, you may have to take some extra steps.

Remove the phone from the case.

Get some leather cleaner and put a small amount on a clean cloth. Wipe down all of the surfaces to get rid of any obvious marks or dirt. Use a Q-tip or small brush to get into the corners of the case and remove any lingering debris. 

Make sure that you dry the case off completely before putting the phone back inside. Leaving water on the case could damage the case and the phone. 

When you're done cleaning, consider using a leather conditioner and waterproofing the leather. For new cases, this won't be necessary, but our leather cases can last for several years when kept in good condition. 

Remember that real leather will change appearance over time via sun exposure, heat, and water. It's a case that'll grow and change with you. 

Keep Your Leather Samsung Case in Good Condition

Samsung leather cases are built to last. Make your leather Samsung case last as long as possible by using this quick and simple guide. You'll have your case for as long as you have your phone!

Are you in the market for a new leather case for your Samsung device? Check out our supply of high-quality cases today.

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